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Jess Phoenix


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This piece is available as a Regular Print and as an Original Painted Print. It was hand-drawn with ink, scanned, and composed digitally. Each piece is then printed on thick Moab Entrada archival paper and is further painted with gold and neon acrylic paint to create vibrant and unique additions. Regular prints have a printed gold texture, but are not metallic. Pieces will be signed, packed in a sturdy mailer envelope, and shipped from our happy home to yours.

Furthermore, this piece was commissioned by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and a portion of your purchase will be donated to them.


***Please Allow 2-4 weeks for processing. Each piece is hand-made to order. All pieces, even if sold out, can be ordered, but it will take additional time to prepare for shipment. Feel free to click on the envelope icon in the upper left to contact us if you have any inquiries about an out of stock item.***

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